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Winiarek Henryk 26.07.1906, Warsaw


Warsaw '44 – the pacification of Powiśle and Czerniaków




Warsaw, Primary School, Drewniana Street 8 Pruszków, Dulag 121 Warsaw, Wolska Street Warsaw, Primary School, Drewniana Street 8 Warsaw, St. Stanislaus' Church, Bema Street 73/75 Warsaw, Falęcka Street 18 Warsaw, Browarna Street Warsaw, Karowa Street Warsaw, Bednarska Street Warsaw, Trębacka Street Warsaw, Wierzbowa Street Warsaw, Senatorska Street Warsaw, Żelaznej Bramy Square/ Ptasia Street Warsaw, Elektoralna Street Warsaw, Ptasia Street/ Żelaznej Bramy Square Warsaw, Chłodna Street


Zasada Franciszek 10.08.1898, Warsaw


Wola '44 – genocide in Warsaw




Warsaw, Franaszek factory, Wolska Street 41/45 Warsaw, Ursus factory, Wolska Street 55 Warsaw, Wolska Street 6 Warsaw, Sowiński Park Warsaw, Wolska Street 24 Warsaw, Wolska Street 29 Warsaw, Bramenco factory, Wolska Street 60 Warsaw, Wolska Street 85 Warsaw, St. Lazarus' Hospital, Leszno Street 127 (Leszno Street 15) Warsaw, Moczydło Street 30 Warsaw, Sokołowska Street 5 Warsaw, Wolska Street 21 Warsaw, Wolska Street 47 Warsaw, Wolska Street 49 Warsaw, Wolska Street 54 Warsaw, Wolska Street 83 Warsaw, Wolska Street Warsaw, Złota Street 38 Warsaw, Evangelical-Augsburg cemetery, Młynarska Street 54/56/58 Warsaw, Karolkowa Street/ Leszno Street Warsaw, Ogrodowa Street 19 Warsaw, Leszno Street Warsaw, Solna Street Warsaw, Przechodnia Street Warsaw, Hale Mirowskie [trade halls] Warsaw, Ciepła Street Warsaw, Górczewska Street 25 Warsaw, Elektoralna Street 11 Warsaw, Elekcyjna Street Warsaw, Płocka Street Warsaw, Elektoralna Street 18 Warsaw, Ogrodowa Street 58 Warsaw, Leszno Street 20 Warsaw, Wolska Street 24