Jan Kenig
Class 4a
Stanisław Staszic Elementary School in Kielce

My most memorable moment from the occupation

It was on 28 September 1944. Dad left for the office in the morning. I was at home with my mom, aunt and sister. At 9.00 a.m. a boy came running and said that my dad had been caught by the occupiers. Mom took a suitcase, threw in some food and underwear, and we all went to Bukówka. Many people were gathered there in a large square that was fenced with barbed wire. We had to find dad. Dad told us not to worry and promised he would be back. Then we went home.

In the evening dad was taken to Germany. Mom cried a lot. My sister and I cried, too. We were all sad. Mom had to work very hard to support us. Days and months passed and there was no trace of dad. It wasn’t until the war ended that dad came back; it was in the fall of 1945. Now we are happy because dad is home.