Jakub Chabik
Public 3rd level Elementary School in Chęciny

What do the mass graves tell us?

For many years, Germany, our terrible enemy, beat, destroyed and murdered Poles. As a result, in many towns on the Polish soil, including our area, there are graves of heroes who fought for their homeland. Many innocent people were killed. Sometimes, when you are walking through the forest, you will stand over a small mound with a modest cross above it. You know it hides the corpse of a nameless hero. You will stand and think with sadness. Maybe your father and brother lie in a grave unknown to anyone. You know for sure that they shed their blood to defend the homeland.

All Souls’ Day is coming. We, members of the Polish Red Cross, must take care of these graves so that they would not be forgotten. Our work must be constant. We have to clear the graves of the litter, make wreaths and make nice turf, and then light the candles, promise these great people that we will follow in their footsteps, that we will always love Poland and are ready to give our blood for it. Honor to you, heroes!