Teresa Czarnecka
Class 6
Lisikierz, Mysłów commune

Memories from the German occupation

With the collapse of the Polish state, its enemy – Germany – grew stronger. The enemy was stronger than Poland, which is why he seized the Polish lands and strove to conquer all of Europe and even the whole world. He was already close to reaching his goal, but his intentions were halted by great violence. Poland and its inhabitants experienced terrible moments at that time. Pain pierced the hearts of noble Poles suffering persecution at the hands of the Germans. In every village and town, there is a sad reminder of those terrible, bloodthirsty Germans. They abused people as much as they could, destroyed their property, killed people, deported them for labor to Prussia. Many people in our village died a tragic death at the hands of the Germans. How sad it was in the village when German rifle shots rang out in the morning. The youth in the village ran away in panic, hid in various corners, and avoided the gendarmes. Everyone was terrified of what would happen next. Full of fear, I trembled like a leaf, I was afraid that they would kill someone. And here shots rang out again and again and the gibberish of the Germans was heard. Although the day was sunny and bright, there was great sadness in the souls of the people of our village after the killing of two innocent boys who, fearing German captivity, tried to run away and were brutally killed. There were a lot of round-ups after that. And the Germans continued to torture people and destroy Poland. The population rebelled against the Germans, even all of nature was in a bad mood. Birds, animals, plants – they were all sad, as if all nature felt this bondage. But finally, after six years of captivity, the whole country breathed a sigh of relief, and the times of occupation left only sad memories.