Kazimiera Reda
Class 5
Seroczyn, Wodynie commune
17 June 1946

An incident from the German occupation

When the Germans were in Poland, there was terrible poverty, because they were destroying [everything] and killing people. One time in the village of Strachomin many people were ordered to leave for Prussia. There was a lot of weeping and complaining. When the day of departure came, a ruckus arose in the village. Not all people had left as ordered, so the Germans came to the village; they were furious. Whey they met a young person in the road, they arrested them, but if it was an elderly person, they just kicked them. Next they went from house to house, robbing people and stealing cows. They even burned a farm. The poor owner was left with nothing, not even a cow or a horse. He fled to the neighboring village. When he returned, all that was left were ashes. He moved in with his neighbor and received food from the entire village.