Kazimierz Kania
Class 3
Seroczyn, 17 June 1946

Experiences from the war that are stuck in my memory

I lived with my parents in Huszlew, Siedlce district; my dad was a policeman. I remember that the Germans would often come in cars to bother our people in all possible ways. They surrounded the village and took people to their car, pushing and beating them. They took people to Łosice and Siedlce, and later to Germany for labor. I also remember that one day the Germans came, and the partisans prepared an ambush. They were shooting, throwing grenades, destroying cars and killing Germans, but few of our people were also hurt. The Germans fled on foot, leaving behind their cars and handcuffs. Our partisans burned the cars, but left one, in which they went back to the forest singing “Poland is not yet lost!”.