Tadeusz Komar
Class 6B
Jasionka, 18 June 1946

My experiences during the war

It all happened in 1944. Early in the morning, before the sunrise, 12 cars full of Gestapo men arrived in our village. The Germans ordered all the villagers of Jasionka to gather at the square. All the people were surrounded by the Gestapo men, who then started checking IDs. The goal was to find out if there were any people from outside the village, especially from Warsaw.

They did not find anybody, but the Germans did not give up. They chose two people, around 15 and 18 years old. The Germans asked them if they had seen any unknown people in Jasionka.

When we were standing at the square, we heard gunshots. About 20 minutes later the village administrator arrived.

He announced to one mother and all of the people assembles there that a German soldier posted in the fields saw three girls grazing cows. One of them resembled a Jew, so the German asked her if she was Jewish. She said she was a Pole. The German soldier ordered her to lay on the ground and said that he would kill her.

When he looked at the cows, the girl started running. The soldier aimed his rifle and took three shots, hitting her. In great pain, the girl ran through some bushes to the river and tried to stop the bleeding there. When her mother heard the story, she almost fainted. Then the Germans ordered everybody to return home. The wounded girl was brought to the village and a German medic dressed her wounds. Then they put her father and mother into a car and drove them to Lubartów.