Kazimierz Małafiejuk
Class VII
Wisznice, 19 June 1946

My most important wartime experience

I was woken up by a commotion at home. When I got up, I was very surprised. I noticed a burning barn behind the chapel [?]. I thought the Germans were routing, but the barn was burning down by accident. Meanwhile, we took everything outside. All of a sudden, I noticed a German approaching. He went into the attic, removed one of the roof tiles and scouted the area with his binoculars. Then [the Germans] came in a wagon and brought machine guns, and brought them to the attic. I have no idea what happened next, because my sister and I went to take our cows into the woods. There were many people there. In the evening, we saw barracks burning in the city. There was a downpour during the night, we were soaking wet. In the morning, we were drying our clothes over the fire, when our neighbor came and told us that the Germans had left. We were glad to be able to return home.