Stanisława Chomiczewska
Class 6b
Sławatycze, 1946

Memory of the German occupation

So many years we spent in German captivity! The enemy was persecuting us, taking our relatives captive. Here, in our district, they murdered and burned the Polish populace in Sobibór. They were also catching people and forcing them to work in Germany. The youth took cover in the woods and hideouts. In the Market Square there was an employment office where bad Germans worked, [including] the so-called Zielonka, who cruelly abused young people. So the youth went into the woods and many clandestine organizations were established there – the Home Army, the People’s Army, and many others. During that German occupation, my godfather died, and remembering that is sad.

But time came for this nasty enemy. He didn’t let us learn history, geography and other subjects, and we had nowhere to study either. We learned in rented Jewish houses. We were cramped and cold during the day, and we had no sports facilities either. It was hard for us to see what the enemy was doing.

But everything has passed and we are very happy to learn what we want. Now we have a great pitch and a beautiful two-storey brick school. And now we are free, no longer ruled by this unbearable enemy.