School no. 3
Class 6c
23 June 1946

Experiences from the war – the Germans’ escape

The Germans fled on Sunday, 20 July 1944. It was raining heavily when I got up in the morning. The Germans were still driving the wagons and putting them in stables. That went on until the evening.

In the evening the order came to flee to Warsaw. The German’s paid no attention to the rain that was falling. They rode across the fields and meadows to get to the road as quickly as possible. There were a lot of wagons, cars, tanks and German troops gathered on the road. The Germans didn’t only go on the road, they also went through the fields. The Polish and Russian armies were already in Łuków. The Germans retreated hungry and exhausted. But they didn’t get far, they only made it to the forest. They suffered a great defeat in the forest. On Monday only fire could be seen everywhere.

The majority of the troops made it to Warsaw and had a big battle there with the Polish and Russian armies. 1944 was a big blow for the Germans. That is how the Germans’ escape ended.