Class 6

Wartime experience

The most important event during the German occupation that I remember was when my uncle, aunt and grandpa were arrested. It was on the morning of 6 March 1943, at uncle Sołdek’s home in Kolonia Nałęczów. Grandpa was visiting my aunt then.

The Germans came on a manhunt because two of them had been disarmed there at the time. They came into the house, tossed it and found some clandestine newsletters. They got hold of grandpa at once and took him to the station. They came for my uncle on the second day, but he wasn’t there, so they took my aunt to the station and put her in the basement. They came for my uncle on the third day – they surrounded the house with troops and took him, tied up, to prison in Puławy, and they let my aunt go.

My uncle and grandpa were together in the prison in Puławy for three weeks. They tormented my uncle, beat him and tortured him in the cruelest way. He looked like the walking dead when he returned to his cell after that torture. He groaned, but he didn’t give anyone away. Grandpa made compresses with cold water for him and asked for a doctor to come, but the Germans refused.

After three weeks of torturing the prisoners, they let grandpa go and transferred my uncle to prison in Lublin. He was tortured there for another three months, and then they probably incinerated him in Majdanek, because we never heard from him again.