4 July 1989

Dear Sir!

I have already sent data concerning Piotr Szczepański to the address of the “Zorza” weekly. I would now like to describe the circumstances which led to Father becoming a prisoner at Ostashkov. I know them from Mother, presently deceased; she passed them on to me when I was eight years old.

And so: a group of policemen – I do not know how many there were, only that there were 14 from Kosowo Poleskie – encountered the Red Army in the vicinity of Kobryń in Polesie. During the fighting seven [of the policemen] from Kosowo died, while seven were taken prisoner. Among them were my Father and Mr Florczykowski. The surnames of the remaining five are not known to me.

While in Ostashkov, Father sent us greetings from Mr Florczykowski. I am unable to provide any further details concerning Mr Florczykowski, only that he was a policeman from Kosowo Poleskie, married, and that he had a son, Marian, who was born most probably in 1927 (a school friend of my brother’s). Mrs Florczykowska and her son crossed the River Bug in 1939 and found themselves in the German occupation zone of Poland, while I, together with my mother and brother, was deported to Kazakhstan. If someone from Mr Florczykowski’s family has answered the appeal, then good, but if not, I would request that his surname be included in the list – it will be one surname more.

Attached please find photocopies of two postcards sent by Father from Ostashkov and a photograph.


Ostashkov, 25 November 1939

Beloved wife and children,

I want to inform you that I am in Soviet Russia; I am alive and quite well. I send you my love and kisses,

Piotr Szczepański

My address:

гор. Осташков

Обл. Калининская

поч. ящик 37

Петр Осипович Щепанский

Воев. Полесские

Куда гор. Косов-Полесский

улица Костюшки 100

Kому Марии Щепанской


Ostashkov, 25 January 1940

Dearest Marysia,

I am writing my third postcard to you, but I have received only one from you, for which of course I thank you sincerely. I do not know when I will return, but do not worry about me – focus on yourself and the children.

Write me whether you are living in our old flat, and whether you have enough stocks to get by. As regards our savings, be circumspect and if necessary consult with Wojciechowski or someone else.

Greetings from Florczykowski [?].

My kisses [?] to you
P. Szczepański