Warsaw, 22 March 1947. A member of the District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, Judge Halina Wereńko, heard as a witness the person specified below; the witness did not swear an oath. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Lucyna Gawryszewska, codename “Bronka”
Parents’ names Wiktor and Anna
Date of birth 17 May 1923
Education four classes of a commercial secondary school
Place of residence Warsaw, Nowy Świat Street 72, flat 3
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Nationality Polish
Occupation shorthand typist

During the Warsaw Uprising, I was a patrol leader of a sanitary patrol in the Social Insurance Company building at Czerniakowska Street. On 12 September 1944, I was injured in both legs and taken to a field hospital at Zagórna Street 9.

Dr Nowakowski was the hospital director. The majority of patients were insurgents, but there were also some injured civilians. I heard that there were 150 injured patients.

On 16 September, the Wehrmacht troops seized the hospital and evacuated some of the injured and some members of the staff to aleja Szucha 25, [to] the Gestapo, and later to the Child Jesus Hospital.

At aleja Szucha, before we were taken to the Gestapo building, in the street, the Gestapo men were beating the injured men. Girls were being taken for interrogation, but I don’t know whether they were coming back. I was gravely ill then, so I don’t remember how many of us were taken to aleja Szucha and how many stayed at Zagórna Street. The rest of the injured were evacuated to the Child Jesus Hospital after 20 September 1944.

At this the report was closed and read out.