Rossoszyca, 26 June 1989

Sieradz Voivodeship

The Editorial Office of “Zorza”
Mokotowska Street 43
00-551 Warsaw

In connection with the list published in “Zorza” concerning Polish prisoners of war interned in 1939, who went missing in the USSR, below I submit data regarding my missing husband:

1. Name and surname, father’s name, date and place of birth: Józef Wroniecki, son of Ignacy, born on 3 July 1898 in Łódź.
2. The last place of residence: Zambrów.
3. Data concerning education and employment:

education: school for officers,
occupation: professional officer (active duty),
place of work: 71st Infantry Regiment in Zambrów.

4. Data concerning military service:

rank: captain,
service branch: signal corps
the last assignment: 71st Infantry Regiment in Zambrów,
position: commander of the signal platoon.
5. When and where he was captured: on 20 September 1939 in Równe.
6. Which camp were the letters and post cards sent from: Starobelsk, Voroshilovgradskaya [?] Oblast, mail box no. 15 – his letter got lost during the deportation. It was a post card with a Russian print. There was a drawing on the blank side designated for correspondence – a portrait of my husband done by a colleague from the camp in green copying pencil. The portrait showed my husband in a military hat and uniform, with torn off distinctions and a sickly, unshaven face. On the other side of the card – the one with a print – there was a letter from my husband to me. He wrote that he had just received my address from the Polish Red Cross in Warsaw (the message included the information about my stay at my in-laws place in Sieradz). He had sent many letters until then and received no response. The portrait on the other side was done by a colleague; he was feeling fine, and was worried about me and the kids. He was waiting for my letter. The date of the post card/letter (the only one I got): 10 March 1940.
7. Name and surname of the person submitting: […]
the exact address: […],
relation: wife.

8. Attachments:

a notice from the Polish Red Cross, from 7 February 1940, sent to the address of Ignacy Wroniecki (photocopy) – having received this letter, I wrote to my husband, to the address provided by the Polish Red Cross, and received a response form him within a month,
my identification card, issued for Jadwiga Wroniecka (photocopy),
a photograph of my husband back when he was a lieutenant – acquired from the family (copy and photocopy),
a letter from the Polish Red Cross in Warsaw, from the Main Board of the Office for Information and Search, dated 18 September 1958 (photocopy).

Around 1958 I asked the Red Cross in Moscow for help in the search for my husband, who had sent the last letter from Starobelsk, Voroshilovgradskaya [?] Oblast, mail box no. 15.

In response, I received the information that Józef Wroniecki is not featured on the list of persons who are in the territory of the Soviet Union, and that the township which I had mentioned does not exist on the map of the Soviet Union – I lost this letter.

The […] Court in […] has declared my husband captain Józef Wroniecki deceased on 9 May 1945. The Court passed the verdict in 1966.