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In response to the appeal of engineer Jędrzej Tucholski and answering the questions from the questionnaire form, we hereby submit the personal data of our father, second lieutenant and medical doctor, Antoni Paczesny, a victim form Katyń (“Zorza”, issue 19 of 7 May 1989, item 3295).

1. Antoni Paczesny, son of Igancy and Barbara née Cybólska, born on 25 May 1886 in

Wilamów, Turek district; resident in Kalisz, interned at Kozielsk.

2. Higher education; internist, medical doctor, Social Insurance Institution in Kalisz.
3. Second lieutenant, officer in active service, chief physician of the 29th Regiment of Kaniów Rifles, chief physician of the garrison in Kalisz and commandant of the garrison infirmary.
4. In August 1939 he organized a field hospital in Łódź, from which city he was evacuated together with the hospital on 6 September 1939.
5. The circumstances in which he was taken prisoner, as well as time and place of this event, remain unknown to us.
6. Kozelsk, one letter received in December 1939, a list published in “Goniec Krakowski”, item 3484.
7. The letter went missing, we have only documents dating up to 1939.