Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Warsaw

The testimony of citizen Stefania Podsiadła, domiciled at Piotra Skargi 44, flat no. 13 Concerning:

1. the arrest and imprisonment of Jerzy Podsiadły (born on 8 June 1925)

2. the arrest and deportation to Auschwitz of Grzegorz Trusz (born on 5 October 1910).

1. My son, Jerzy Podsiadły, was taken away from his flat on 11 April 1944. In the evening, Gestapo men in plain clothes came to arrest him; they had a list, from which I infer that there had been a malicious denunciation. He was transported away to the Gestapo HQ on aleja Szucha and after three days sent to Pawiak prison. On 23 May, due to that fact that no incriminating evidence had been found, he was added to a transport of prisoners and sent to the penal labor camp in Śródkowa near Gdańsk, where he worked as a locksmith.

I received letters from him written on the camp notepaper every three weeks. He received complete parcels that I sent him.

I last heard from him on 28 July 1944.

2. My husband, Grzegorz Trusz, was arrested during the night of 11 January 1941; there was a mass round-up of men in Targówek that night.

He was taken to Pawiak prison, where he stayed for two months. My efforts to have him released, through the agency of the company in which he had worked, were unsuccessful.

He was sent to Auschwitz in March. At first, I received letters from him every six weeks; later, they came every three weeks. I last heard from him on 6 September [1941]; when he wrote: “I feel well and God willing we will see each other soon.” On the same day, I received a telegram informing me about my husband’s death. Since I wanted to clarify the matter, I submitted an application to the Commandant of Auschwitz, requesting Grzegorz’s belongings and his certificate of death, which I received.

I testified truthfully. Before signing my name, I have read the witness interview report.