Warsaw, 4 June 2001

Concerning Bolesław Grzewiński

In 1939, he lived in Wilno as a soldier of the Polish Army and worked there as a bandmaster. In 1939, he moved to Częstochowa and took up residence with his son and wife on a church premises … , where he worked as an organist. In … he was arrested by the Gestapo, together with the priests of that church, for issuing Christian birth certificates to Jews. After bestial interrogations at a Gestapo station (a mention relating to this was made in the documents of the Commission for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes, most likely for 1954-1955, the Częstochowa area), he was transported to Auschwitz. Information about the murder of Bolesław Grzewiński at Auschwitz comes from a priest who survived internment at that camp.

Tadeusz Kumalski