Bydgoszcz, 29 October 1946. Investigative Judge K. Dobrzański, with the participation of court reporter A. Fac, interviewed the person specified below as an unsworn witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Ludwik Roehr
Age 70
Names of parents Karol and Olimpia
Place of residence Bydgoszcz, aleja 1 Maja 63
Occupation advocate
Religious affiliation Protestant in the Polish Reformed Church
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

Referring to my previous testimony, I wish to add that it was Dr Gollert, deputy of the Warsaw district governor Fischer, to whom I presented a request for a permit to evacuate land and mortgage registers from Warsaw, and not Fischer himself, since Dr Gollert had previously conferred with the dean of the Warsaw Bar Council, Dr Gruber, with respect to the release of the land and mortgage registers. Besides, before my intervention with Gollert, I was advised to go in that direction by Dr Gruber. I explained that Dr Gollert had previously held the position of the head of the Abteilung Justiz of the Warsaw governor, and thus was competent to handle this kind of matter. Besides, both I myself and my colleagues supporting me in this endeavor hoped that a professional lawyer, such as Dr Gollert, would listen to us more readily and show an understanding.

In accordance with the decision previously made during a consultation with Dr Gruber, I received an audience with Dr Gollert, Fischer’s deputy, in Sochaczew. The outcome of my intervention was negative, and below I quote the course of my conversation in German with the doctor:

Dr Gollert said: “ Die Sache hat keine Bedeutung, da doch Warschau so wie so vernichtet werden soll ”. To my remark: “ Wie so ist das möglich?”, Gollert replied: “ Es wurde so vom Gouverneur und zuständigen Militär Kommandanten beschlossen ”. At the end of our conversation, I asked Gollert to allow me to evacuate from Warsaw the files of my law office, which he refused saying: “ Die ganze Einrichtung der Warschauer Einwohner ist für Bomben- beschädigten Deutsche bestimmt ”.

Shocked by this conversation, I left Gollert in a hurry. This conversation confirmed the unsettling news concerning the intended annihilation of Warsaw.

The Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland in Warsaw, Aleje Jerozolimskie 41, flat 9

In the case concerning indictment of former Warsaw governor Fischer No. 1885/46, I return the proclamation dated 12 October 1946, after the execution thereof.