The Germans stayed in the school on Stojanowska Street for a couple of months. Executions took place there. I saw how they led the arrested, hands behind their backs – led by four of them. The one who did the shooting constantly had a cigarette in his mouth. I saw that through the window of the house at Remiszewska Street 27 (today I also live there). We all saw that execution there, all those who lived on the front side. I often saw how they executed Jews on Handlowa Street, in the trenches. They were not buried yet and the crows would peck at the corpses. When they killed someone, before they drew their final breath they would rush Jews in to bury him alive. A German would kick the Jews to make them hurry up and cover him, while he kicked the dead man into the pit.

I was almost dead when they led people to the pit. I said to my husband that if it lasted any longer I would not bear it. I wanted to flee from that flat because I could not look at it.

The Gestapo was there and the man who did the shooting would come by car. When we saw him coming, we knew that there would be a victim.

There was a janitor living in the annex, who assisted them because they ordered him to. There was someone living above the janitor. Generally, officers stayed in the school, one could not see a private, but only the officers were there.

12 October 1946

In the presence of the illiterate Wiktoria Miklaszewska in place of Antonina Miklaszewska

Remiszewska Street 27

Teresa Tykowa