Eleventh day of the hearing, 5 December 1947

Start of the hearing: 9.05 a.m.

Present: as on 4 December 1947

Chief judge: I announce the sitting of the Supreme National Tribunal in the trial against the former Auschwitz crew.

Chief judge: I call the witness Michał Izbicki.

I must warn the witness of the obligation to speak the truth pursuant to article 107 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The submission of false testimony is punishable by imprisonment of up to five years. Do the parties submit any requests regarding how the witnesses should be interviewed?

Prosecutors: We would like the witness to be heard without oath.

The defense: We too.

The witness Michał Izbicki, aged 27, social welfare employee, religious affiliation – Jewish, relationship to the accused – none.

Chief judge: May the witness please give some specific details about the defendants who are here in this room.

The witness: I will begin with the ones I know from Majdanek – Muhsfeldt and Ridiger.

Chief judge: What can the witness say about the defendant Muhsfeldt?

The witness: Muhsfeldt was the commander of the crematorium, if I recall correctly, but then I was in such a state – I never believed that one day I would ever come to testify against the defendant –that’s why I didn’t pay too much attention to his role in the camp. But I remember his exploits.

On 3 November, when there was a general liquidation of the Jews from the surrounding camps in Majdanek, he played the most active part. The same with Ridiger.

Chief judge: And as for the defendants here in this room, does the witness recognize Lorenz?

The witness: Lorenz I know – I see that he’s not the one I was thinking of.

Defense attorney Rappaport: Does the witness know Dinges the chauffeur?

The witness: No.

I would like to also testify about the defendants Aumeier and Plagge. It was in October or November 1944 in Birkenau. I remember one day three Russians escaped, and after two days they were caught and brought back to the camp. They were put in block 7. After two days, a gallows was set up near the kitchen and all the Russians who had been arrested were called to where the gallows stood near the kitchen. Then I joined this group. They led out these three Russians to the gallows. Then one of them exclaimed, “Long live free Russia!” The second one stood on his stool, and the third cried: “Long live comrade Stalin!” At that moment he got kicked by Aumeier, who shouted something. Then Plagge came up to the prisoner, hit and kicked him, and pulled out the prisoner’s tongue. The prisoner thrashed around, they put the noose round his neck, and after reading the verdict all were hanged.

Prosecutor Pęchalski: During the investigations the witness spoke a lot about Lorenz. Where was he employed?

The witness: I don’t know.

Chief judge: Are there any further questions?

Prosecutor: No.

Defense: No.

Chief judge: The witness may stand down.