Office note

On 12 July 1948, in Warsaw, Stefania Jamiołkowska reported to the call and announced that at the end of August or at the beginning of September 1944 she had seen through the window of the house at Opoczyńska Street 17 over a few days a group of 30 men under an escort of German soldiers being led along Opoczyńska Street to Narbutta Street. She recognised Ryszard Palacz and Marcin Seweryniak, a caretaker of house number 12 on Opoczyńska Street, in the led group. She did not recognise any other men. It is known that Palacz and Seweryniak were taken on 11 August with a group of men from Opoczyńska Street to aircraft barracks on Rakowiecka Street.

None of the men taken from Opoczyńska Street has yet returned or given any notice about themselves.