On 8 November 1947 in Lublin, Mieczysław Nowakowski, a Deputy Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal in Lublin and a Member of the District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, interviewed the person mentioned hereunder in accordance with the procedure provided for under Article 107 and 115 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and the said testified as follows:

Name and surname Michał Wójtowicz
Age 35 years old
Occupation head of the resources department at ZPCOL
Religion Roman Catholic
Criminal record none
Place of residence Lublin, Solna Street 3/4
Relationship to the parties none

In November 1942 I was arrested by the Gestapo in Warsaw, and in January 1943 I was deported to the camp in Majdanek, where I remained incarcerated until the end of 1943. Thereafter I was transferred to the camp in Groß-Rosen.

During my period of incarceration at Majdanek I did not encounter Muhsfeldt, however my co-prisoners pointed him out to me and informed that he was the head of the crematorium. My colleagues also said that Muhsfeldt was constantly drunk and always carried a thick truncheon. I myself did not see Muhsfeldt beating prisoners, but others told me that he maltreated inmates, thrashing them unconscious for no reason. I cannot say anything further about the criminal activities of Muhsfeldt.

I recognize Muhsfeldt in the photograph presented to me today (the witness was shown a photograph of Muhsfeldt). I would like to add, however, that during my incarceration at Majdanek Muhsfeldt had a fuller face. But in spite of this change I recognized Muhsfeldt without any difficulty.

The report was read out.