On 7 March 1947, the prosecutor of the Special Criminal Court in Kraków with its seat at Grodzka Street 52, this in the person of Deputy Prosecutor of the Ninth Region Dr. Kordecki, with the participation of court reporter, apprentice Nowak, heard the below mentioned as a witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the wording of Article 107 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Wanda Marossanyi
Date of birth 10 January 1918
Parents’ names Juliusz and Henryka
Place of residence Kraków, Szlak Street 4
Occupation student
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Criminal record no
Relationship to the parties none

I met Maria Mandl in Auschwitz in 1942, when she arrived with the transport of Jewish women from Ravensbrück. Then this entire transportation was gassed. Mandl, as a camp overseer, was ruthless! She issued infamous orders that were so perfidious that life in the camp was simply unbearable. After her departure, relations improved immediately. With the return of Mandl, the unbearable terror resumed. She beat women prisoners without any reason, and she was the one who decided who would be sent to the oven. During the roll call, she personally selected who was to be gassed. No amount of pleading worked – Mandl was unrelenting. For two years, Mandl’s secretary was a prisoner named Karolina Wilińska, who kept the SS men’s records and knows her exploits. She was a witness to Mandl beating some German women prisoners so badly that a stream of blood had to be washed away. Currently, Wilińska works in the Anczyca printing house in Kraków. Mandl is responsible for the terror that prevailed in the camp, because all the orders came from her.

The profoundly malicious overseers in the Auschwitz concentration camp included Margot Drechsel and Hasse, who hated the Poles in particular and sorted people into [illegible].

Antoni [Adolf?] Taube, [Otto] Moll, head of the crematoria, his helpers [Wilhelm?] Schulz and Gerhard Palitzsch, who personally shot some Poles, [Gerhard] Effinger – these are the names of the particularly bloodthirsty executioners. [Hermann] Kirschner, [Gerhard] Lachmann, [Josef] Erber (aka Houstek) are the names of the Germans from the political department. Niedźwiedzki was in the medical ward and used lethal experimental injections, choosing any prisoners he fancied for these purposes.

Presently, I am going to Paris to study and will supply the address.

The report was concluded and signed.