On 20 March 1947 in Katowice, the District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Katowice, in the person of Deputy Prosecutor of the District Court Karol Jarzębiński, with the participation of reporter Władysław Giemza, interviewed the person specified below as a witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the wording of Art. 107 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Marian Goliński
Age 43
Parents’ names Antoni and Maria
Place of residence Zabrze, Opolska Street 14
Occupation master bricklayer
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Nationality Polish
Relationship to the parties none

In 1943, as an employee of Keller company in Mysłowice, Zachęty Street 13 (specializing in building tall chimneys), I came to the concentration camp in Auschwitz to fix the chimneys of the camp crematorium. I worked there for about three months. Höß was the camp commandant, but I think that Oberscharführer Vox [Voss?] was the executioner, for he personally killed and sent people to the gas chamber.

Sturmführer Kirschner was the head of the construction department, Unterscharführer Linert from Bielsko was in the motor department – he also killed many people. Scharführer Schuhknecht was just as murderous.

I remember the following people from the political department: Unterscharführers Grabner, Lechman, Wosnitza, Dylewski and Scharführer Ludwig. I saw Bischof in the crematorium almost every day. I do not know what rank he held or what his function was in the camp. I also remember kapos from the Sonderkommando [special squad]: Kamiński – a teacher from Wołkowysk, Sylberberg from Warszawa – a shoemaker by trade, Józef Sawicki from Lublin, Abram – a cart driver from Nowy Dwór near Warszawa, whose surname I do not remember. Apart from those that I mentioned by name, I met and remember many other camp functionaries. If I saw them, I would recognize them and describe their role. I would like to note that I went to Auschwitz for the second time in 1944, as a chimney bricklayer. I do not give more details about life in the camp, because they are widely known.

That is all. The report was read out.

I would like to add that Wilhelm Michelke and Józef Banisch worked as chauffeurs in the camp. Michelke is currently residing near Głogówek, and Banisch in Mikulczyce, Świętej Barbary Street 3.

The report was signed and read out.