On 7 June 1947, Chaim Zylberberg appeared in the office of the police of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in Stuttgart, Western section no. 1002, camp no. 664, Reinsburgstrasse, and made the following declaration in lieu of an oath:

Name and surname Chaim Wolf Zylberberg
Date and place of birth 20 July 1899 in Radom
Place of residence until the outbreak of the war: Radom now: Reinsburgstrasse 197b, Stuttgart

SS- undPolizeiführer Böttcher supervised the deportation of the Jews from Glinice to Radom. This deportation took place on the night of 4/5 August 1942. People deported from Glinice were to be transported to Treblinka. But the wagons stood empty, because Böttcher gave an order to kill people during the deportation action. He later inspected the wagons and decided that each of them would fit 150 people. When he determined that in his opinion there was still space in the wagons, he loaded them with the residents of two streets in Radom, namely Wałowa Street and Peretza Street. 3,000 people from these two streets were intended for deportation. My wife and twelve-year-old son were taken away that day. The wagons were so stuffed that people were dying before they reached the extermination camp. Böttcher personally supervised the deportation.

The second deportation was carried out on the nights of 16/17 and 17/18 [August 1942] on Böttcher’s orders. 20,000 people were killed. 150 people were stuffed into each of the wagons. Rabbi Kestenberg died during this deportation. When the wagons were opened in Siedlce, only corpses were found inside. The victims died in terrible conditions during the journey. This is when the corpse of rabbi Kestenberg was found among other corpses.

I declare, in lieu of an oath, that the above is true to the facts. I am aware of the criminal liability for making false declarations. I am ready to appear before a court as a witness.