On 31 May 1947 in Zwoleń, the District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes with its seat in Radom, this in the person of Deputy Prosecutor J. Skarżyński, acting pursuant to Article 20 of the provisions introducing the Code of Criminal Procedure, interviewed the person mentioned hereunder as a witness, without taking an oath. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Regina Kortylewska
Age 33 years old
Parents’ names Bronisław and Maria
Place of residence Zwoleń, Rynek Street
Occupation restaurant proprietor
Religion Roman Catholic
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

On the morning of 17 May 1944 in Janowiec, commune of Oblasy, district of Kozienice, the Feldgendarmerie and Gestapo conducted mass arrests of Polish citizens. Among others, they detained my husband, Franciszek Kortylewski. My husband was a member of an organization fighting for Poland’s independence. At the time, the Germans arrested 54 people in Janowiec. They were initially detained in Radom prison.

On 19 June 1944, many of those arrested in Janowiec in March 1944 were executed in the market square in Zwoleń. I was not present at the execution. I know with all certainty that my husband was amongst those killed. He was recognized during the execution. After the exhumation in 1945, I personally identified my husband’s corpse.

At the time of his arrest, my husband had been the headmaster of the school in Janowiec. He was also a Second Lieutenant of the Reserve. I now have to provide for two children aged 5½ and 2½. I do not receive any benefits.