Corporal Stefan Rudziński, born in 1897, weaver, married with two children; the 104th Transport Company.

On 17 September 1939 in Łuck, I was taken into captivity to a POW camp in Dubno. The living and housing conditions, as well as the hygiene, were terrible.

Composition of the camp: Polish soldiers; Poles and Belarusians. Coexisting with the Poles was fine; it was difficult with the Belarusians.

The prisoners labored very hard in the camp, with work quotas that were far too high, and poor nutrition. They were also deprived of all cultural entertainment.

Very strong communist propaganda and [illegible].

Low mortality. The only case of death – Rifleman Wróbel from Głowno near Łódź.

There was no way of contacting the home country or one’s family.

Released by the amnesty on 1 September 1941 in Starobilsk, automatically enlisted in the Polish Army.