concerning mass executions and mass graves

Township: Wilczyce

Commune: Wilczyce

District: Sandomierz

Voivodeship: Kielce

1. Date and place of execution:
2. Type of execution (shooting, hanging, etc.):
3. Personal data of the murdered victims:

Poles, Jews, foreigners:

Number of murdered victims:

The victims were brought in from:

Surname, age, occupation, address:

Comments: There weren’t any mass executions in the commune of Wilczyce, but since there were many individual cases of murder of its residents, I append a list containing their personal data to the present questionnaire.

4. Is it known what the victims were accused of, whether the execution was carried out in retaliation, etc.?
5. Who carried out the execution (gendarmes, Gestapo men, SS men, policemen, the Wehrmacht)?
6. Are the surnames of the perpetrators known (provide the surnames if known)?
7. Were the corpses burnt or destroyed otherwise?
8. Where were the corpses buried (provide the exact location)?
9. Description of the place of burial (graves, dimensions, estimated number of victims buried in one grave):

10. Were the corpses exhumed, were they officially reinterred (report)? If “yes” to the latter, then where?

11. Are there any grounds for conducting their exhumation in the future?

On 28 September 1945, the contents of the above questionnaire were officially confirmed by the head of Wilczyce commune, Stanisław Chmiel, with the Municipal Court in Sandomierz.


to the instruction of the District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Radom of 25 August 1948.

District: Sandomierz Commune: Wilczyce

TownshipDate of crimeType of crimeThis section should contain the names, surnames and addresses of the witnesses.

Gałkowice15 March 1944The shooting of Jan Wójcik, 36 years old, a farmer, by the German gendarmes1) Bolesław Przyłucki, residing in Gałkowice, Wilczyce commune 2) Feliks Przyłucki, residing in Gałkowice, Wilczyce commune

Gałkowice 20 June 1944 The killing of Antoni Pawlica, 35 years old, a farmer, by the gendarmes
Dacharzów November 1943 The killing of Zofia Jurkowska by the gendarmes3) Józefa Oszczudłowska, residing in Dacharzów, Wilczyce commune
Łukawa 5 September 1944 The shooting of Mieczysław Chelbszek by the gendarmes
Przezwody August 1943 The murder of Kazimierz Piziorski, 30 years old, a farmer, by the gendarmes4) Józef Bielecki, residing in Przezwody, Wilczyce commune
Chwałki 1 December 1943 The shooting of Tadeusz Siudek, 21 years old, by the gendarmes5) Jan Kołacz, residing in Chwałki, Wilczyce commune
Chwałki 10 May 1944 The shooting of Władysław Czerepa by the gendarmes
Dobrocice June 1944 The murder of Jan Smolarski, 19 years old, by the “Ukrainians”6) Leon Kaczor, residing in Pielaszów, Wilczyce commune
Pielaszów 5 July 1943 The shooting of Jan Sabat, 19 years old, by the gendarmes7) Julian Skrok, residing in Pielaszów, Wilczyce commune

20 August 1944The killing of Stefan Rosowski by a German soldier

Wilczyce 10 May 1943 The killing of Stanisław Ozdoba by the German gendarmes 8) Jan Żubrynowicz, residing in Wilczyce
Ocinek 24 June 1943 The killing of Jan Zbożyński by the gendarmes 9) Kazimierz Socha, residing in Ocinek, Wilczyce commune
Daromin 21 February 1944 The shooting of Kazimierz Rzepka, 24 years old, by the Gestapo from Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski 10) Władysław Parada, residing in Daromin, Wilczyce commune 11) Marcin Sędrowicz, residing in Daromin
Daromin 2 February 1944 The killing of Władysław Schab, 25 years old, by the Gestapo
Łukawa 10 August 1944 The killing of Jan Łukaszewski, 52 years old, by the gendarmes 12) Walenty Łukaszek, residing in Łukawa, Wilczyce commune
Gałkowice July 1944 The murder of Antoni Pawlica by the gendarmes 13) Bolesław Przyłucki, residing in Gałkowice, Wilczyce commune