Township: Sandomierz
District: Sandomierz
Voivodeship: Kielce


on mass executions and mass graves

1. Date and place of execution:

19 November 1943, Sandomierz.

2. Type of execution (by shooting, by hanging, etc.):

By shooting.

3. Personal data of the murdered victims:

Poles, Jews, foreigners: Poles.

Number of murdered victims: 8 people.

The victims were brought in from: From the prison in Sandomierz, Opatów, Ostrowiec.

Surname, age, occupation, address: See overleaf.

4. Is it known what the victims were accused of, whether the execution was carried out in retaliation, etc.?

A retaliation execution for killing Germans.

5. Who carried out the execution (gendarmerie, Gestapo, SS, police, Wehrmacht)?

The Gestapo.

6. Are the surnames of the perpetrators known (please provide the surnames)?


7. Were the corpses burned or destroyed in any other way?


8. Where were the corpses buried (exact location)?

The Kruków town cemetery – in single graves, masked in order to cover up the traces.

9. Description of the grave(s) (size, estimated number of victims buried in one grave):

In single graves or two people in one normal-sized grave.

10. Was there an official exhumation? Were the corpses buried officially, and if so, where?

7 corpses were secretly collected by the families, 1 corpse stayed in the grave.

11. Are there any grounds for exhumation in the future?


On 26 September 1945, the contents of the above questionnaire were officially certified by Franciszek Mankiewicz, the mayor of the city of Sandomierz, with the Municipal Court in Sandomierz.

Point 3. Execution on 19 November 1943

1) Edward Janiec, Brzostowa, Opatów,
2) Stanisław Teter, Brzostowa, Opatów,
3) Bronisław Heba, Brzostowa, Opatów,
4) Jan Wrona, Buszkowice, Opatów,
5) Dr. Tadeusz Czaja, a doctor from Zawichost,
6) Stanisław Janiec, Nietulisko,
7) Jan Kot, Olszowiec,
8) Stanisław Sobczyński, Jałowęsy.

Age and professions were not determined.