In Zagańsk on this day, 12 June 1948, at 8.00 a.m., I, officer Mieczysław Kaczor from the Citizens’ Militia Station in Samsonów, acting on the basis of the following: Article 20 of the provisions introducing the Code of Criminal Procedure, on the instruction of citizen Deputy Prosecutor from the Region of the Prosecutor’s Office of the District Court, issued on the basis of Article 20 of the provisions introducing the Code of Criminal Procedure, observing the formal requirements set forward in Articles 235–240, 258 and 259 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, with the participation of reporter Władysław Fedryczan, whom I informed of his obligation to attest to the conformity of the report with the actual course of the procedure by his own signature, have heard the person named below as a witness. The witness, having been advised of the right to refuse testimony for the reasons set forward in Article 104 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and of the criminal liability for making false declarations, this pursuant to the provisions of Article 140 of the Penal Code, stated as follows:

Name and surname Ludwik Górecki
Parents’ names Marcin and Józefa, née Mąciek
Age 48 years
Date and place of birth 25 August 1901, Ćmińsk
Religion Roman Catholic
Occupation stonemason
Place of residence Ćmińsk-Wyrowce, commune of Samsonów, district of Kielce
Relationship to the parties none
As regards the present case, I am aware of the following facts: One day in the month of
June 1943 – I no longer remember the exact date – German soldiers arrived in Ćmińsk

accompanied by gendarmes, and detained a great number of men, telling us that we must go with them on a sweep operation against the partisans; they ordered us to proceed five steps in front of them. And so they proceeded behind us, saying that when they found any partisans, they would shoot them down. At the time, three laborers were busy working in the forest, digging up peat: Franciszek Proboszcz, Kazimierz Nadolnik and Nowak from Oblęgorek, the latter two from the commune of Samsonów, district of Kielce. The advancing gendarmes caught these three and shot them dead on the spot. Their bodies were buried in the forest, and that is how the whole “operation” ended.

At this point the report was brought to a close and read out before being signed by the witness.