On this day, 26 November 1948, in Bór-Osiedle, at 6:00 AM, I, Officer Kwiecień from the Citizens’ Militia station in Bliżyn, acting in accordance with the instructions of Citizen Deputy Prosecutor the Fourth Regional Prosecutor’s Office of the District Court in Radom, this dated on 25 August 1948, L. 825/48/2 issued on the basis of Article 20 of the provisions introducing the Code of Criminal Procedure, with the participation of reporter Stefan Baran from the Citizens’ Militia station in Bliżyn, whom I informed about his obligation to attest by his own signature to the conformity of the Protocol with the actual course of the procedure, interviewed the person named below as a witness. Having been advised of the significance of the oath, the right to refuse to testify for reasons specified in Article 104 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and of the criminal liability for making false declarations in accordance with Article 140 of the Penal Code, the witness was sworn and testified as follows:

Name and surname Franciszek Pułtorak
Parents’ names Filip and Józefa
Age 45
Place of birth Skarżysko-Kamienna
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Occupation locksmith
Place of residence Bór-Osiedle, house no 2, flat no 9 Bliżyn commune, Kielce district
Relationship to the parties none

Regarding this matter, I am aware of the following facts. That during the German occupation I lived in the town of Bór-Osiedle, and regarding the executions of Poles, I know the following facts. In 1940, in the month of February, the executions of Poles began. Poles were brought from Kielce, and other districts, in trucks by Germans to the forest, which is situated near Bór-Osiedle. I know from bystanders that during this four-day action more than 436 people were shot dead and buried in four mass graves. But it was not established exactly how many Poles were executed during this time. After this incident, a few days later, I went to the crime scene, where I saw all the puddles of human blood and body parts scattered all over in the woods. During this occurrence, continuous shots and the groans of people, mostly women, could be heard.

The report was concluded and read out.