Łódź, 13 March 1946

In response to an announcement published in Dziennik Łódzki newspaper under the title “Who had seen public executions”, I submit the following facts:

In April 1942, at 2.00 a.m., my husband was arrested in our house at Żurawia Street 12 and transported to Pawiak prison. My husband was arrested because one of the Gestapo agents had denounced him for hiding a Soviet paratrooper by the name of Mikołaj Smirnow.

After he was found guilty as charged, my husband stayed in the Pawiak until 15 October 1942. On that day he was hanged as a Communist on the outskirts of Warsaw together with many other hapless victims.

As he left a son, we would like to find any trace of the place where my husband was buried.

[His name is] Ludwik Augustynowicz, born on15 August 1907, son of Tomasz and Waleria.

We would appreciate any information concerning our unfortunate father and husband.

Stanisława Augustynowicz
Łódź, Pomorska Street 23, flat 24