Report dated 12 March 1947 of an interview of a witness – aggrieved party made on the instruction of the Commission of Inquiry of the Committee for the Investigation of German Crimes in the Pomeranian voivodeship. The witness was advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations.

Name and surname Kazimiera Chojnacka, née Olszewska
Age 6 December 1891
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Place of residence Bydgoszcz, Jagiellońska Street 64
Relationship to the victim mother

In August 1944, my son Kazimierz Chojnacki (residing in Warsaw at Muranowska Street 14) took part in the Warsaw Uprising. My brother, Stanisław Wiesław Olszewski, then residing at Górnośląska Street 12 in Warsaw, saw my son fighting at the barricades in the Old Town. My son was accompanied by my son-in-law, Telesfor Hedrysiak (residing in Warsaw at Muranowska Street 14). He was wounded during fighting on 20 August 1944 and since that time I haven’t heard from my son. He has disappeared without a trace.