A report drawn up on 10 October 1946 by the Communal Commission of the commune of Zaborów (district of Warsaw) for the Investigation of German Crimes, concerning the murders of Józef Białobrzewski, Feliks Andrzejewski and Jan Cieślak.

The following man was examined in the case:

1) the leader of the community of Wyględy, Teofil Cuprzyński, who having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations or ones inconsistent with the truth, testified as follows:

In August 1944, while threshing hay, Józef Białobrzewski was detained by the Germans and taken to Borzęcin, where he was shot dead. On the same day Feliks Andrzejewski, who was driving cows to pasture, was also taken by the Germans to Borzęcin, where he suffered the same fate. At around this time, Jan Cieślak was seized at his house by the very same Germans, conveyed to Borzęcin, and also shot.

The abovementioned facts may be attested to by the following witnesses: Piotr Cieślak, Franciszek Cuprzyński, Józef Stanicki and Leokadia Białobrzewska.

I am fully prepared to repeat my testimony – accompanied by the witnesses mentioned above – under oath whenever so requested.