On 7 March 1947 in Krotoszyn, Judge Wł. Miedziński interviewed the person named below as a witness. Having advised the witness of the criminal liability for making false declarations, of the obligation to speak the truth, and of the significance of the oath, the Judge took an oath therefrom, following which the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Stanisława Fuhrmann
Age 47 years old
Place of residence Krotoszyn, Baszkowska Street
Occupation of no occupation
Religion Roman Catholic
Criminal record none (purportedly)
Relationship to the parties none

I worked at the office of the German district authorities in Garwolin from 29 April 1940. I was employed as an interpreter for the senior district official, whose surname was Freudenthal. A German by the name of Eugen Dauner was appointed to the position of deputy senior district official in Garwolin in 1941, although I remember neither the date nor the month.

On 23 July 1944, the Germans left Garwolin, and Eugen Dauner departed with them. Even though I had been explicitly ordered to leave Garwolin, I stayed behind. I do not know what functions Eugen Dauner held after 23 July 1944, and for this reason I am unable to give any specific information concerning his activities during the said period. I do not know the details of his activities between 1941 and 23 July 1944.

People told me that Eugen Dauner kicked Paweł Michalik, the communal comptroller, whose family lives in Garwolin, black and blue. I think that Paweł Michalik currently resides in Lignica [Legnica]. Apart from this instance I know nothing about any criminal acts committed by Eugen Dauner. I surmised from his behavior that he was indifferently inclined towards Poles.

I do know that in 1943 the village of Wanaty was burned down for not delivering a full meat quota. I do not know who ordered the village to be burned down.

In July 1944, the German senior district official, Freudenthal, was killed, and the Germans shot 30 Poles in Garwolin in retaliation. These Poles were not from Garwolin, but from the township in which Freudenthal had been killed.

More information about the activities of Eugen Dauner could be provided by Eufrozyna Góralewicz, the wife of a regional court judge in Poznań.

I do not know her current whereabouts. It is said that she resides in Warsaw. Góralewicz was the second secretary of Eugen Dauner. Specific data concerning his criminal acts could also be provided by Kaczmarek, the present senior district official in Środa [Wielkopolska], who during the occupation was the head of the district department in Garwolin, and by Stępniak, the deputy senior district official in Środa [Wielkopolska], who during the occupation was the head of the criminal department at the office of the district authorities in Garwolin.

As regards documents pertaining to Dauner’s period of tenure, I do know that some of them were burned, while the remainder were taken by the fleeing Germans.

I have testified all the facts that I can remember.