Zofia Konopka
Class 4
Public Elementary School in Kazanów
Kazanów, 9 October 1946

What do the mass graves say?

The mass graves remind us of the terrible German crime. The graves in Poland symbolize the torment of innocent Poles, which will never be forgotten. The graves remind us of the terrible crimes, and not only them, but also the torture. Only criminals do such things. They are the criminals because they committed such crimes. The bones [in the graves] cannot be seen [right away] because the Germans burned them with electricity. Once the Germans ordered us to plant lupine where the graves were, but it did not bloom. The Germans were angry; they thought that Poles did not plant lupine as ordered. It was in Karolina. There are a lot of graves, for example in Kazanów, Ciepielów, Zwoleń, and there are many graves in Warsaw, not counting those in other towns and villages. A lot of people died for Poland in Warsaw, because it is the capital, the most famous city. We, Poles, will never forget this German crime. We build monuments on the graves of our heroes. We should never forget our brothers who are already dead. We should not forget such graves.