Barbara Błędzińska
Class 6
Primary school in Chybice
Rzepin commune, Iłża district
17 November 1946

What do the burial mounds say?

I remember when the Germans were quartered in the villages. They came to Wola, where they lodged with one farmer. They went to the village leader and ordered him to reveal which men were partisans. The village leader did not want to [give them up]. He said that there were no partisans. The Germans showed the village leader a hundred [?] men from a list and ordered him to hand them over [?]. They allegedly took them to [dig] trenches. On the next day, at 4 a.m., they brought them all to one barn. There they stripped them. They came out only [?] in their underwear and everyone was shot. The Germans ordered the wives to bury the victims together [in one grave]. After a few days, they came to check if [the people they had murdered] were buried together.