15 January 1946, Warsaw. Investigative Judge Alicja Germasz interviewed the person named below as a witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false statements, the witness testified as follows:

Janina Żelazowska, born on 28 October 1908 in Warsaw, the daughter of Jan and Emilia, residing in Warsaw (Koło) at Bolecha Street 88, head of the deposit department of the Information Office of the Polish Red Cross, Catholic and a Pole with no criminal record.

During the exhumation carried out by the Health Department of the City Board on the premises of St. Lazarus’ Hospital in March 1945, at which I was present as a Polish Red Cross clerk, a group of laborers employed in carrying out the exhumation brought on a stretcher the ashes and remains of about 100 people found on the premises of the burnt house at Krochmalna Street 90. The laborers received information from chance witnesses that the residents of that house had been executed by the Germans during the Uprising.

I wasn’t at the premises of the house and I am unable to indicate the names of the laborers.

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