Dr Marian Weiss
Warsaw, Olimpijska Street 31

The Commission for the Investigation
of German Crimes in Warsaw

Due to the fact that, as it seems, so far nobody has taken any interest in the activities carried out during the Warsaw Uprising by the German unit by the name of Flughafenkommando Warschau, later renamed Stützpunkt Fort Mokotow, I would like to provide the following details.

Their crimes include:

1) murdering several families at Racławicka Street 95: the family of Sobański, Konarski and two other families whose surnames I do not know (of the tailor from the first floor and of the resident from the ground floor);
2) trying Polish civilians who were caught by chance in a court-martial, as the result of which graves appeared in the northeast corner of Mokotów fort – which had not been there before the Uprising (these graves were exhumed by the Polish Red Cross in 1945);
3) shooting at civilians in houses and in the streets; I will presently submit the number of those killed and wounded, myself or through the agency of witnesses;
4) keeping several hundred people in the Mokotów fort dungeons for three weeks, from babies to old people, including the wounded;
5) sending everybody to the Pruszków camp;
6) burning or blowing up five houses following the command of General Doerfler and a further twenty houses following the command of his successor, Colonel Stützle;
7) on the order of the command, the houses were also looted (over a hundred houses) and the soldiers were allowed to take the spoils, with the right to send very heavy packages to the Reich by military mail;
8) General Doerfler himself plundered the house of the former First Lady, Maria Mościcka, and took the loot in cars to the Reich.

The following people may be held responsible for the above:

1) Air Force General Doerfler,
2) (Oberst) Air Force Colonel Stützle,
3) Captain Schulz (with a prosthetic right arm),
4) – “ – Rudolf (Rudolph), who in 1920 had declared himself for Germany, and came from the Suszki municipality, Kępno county,
5) senior sergeant Keller,
6) sergeant Katelbach, who took part in the murdering of residents of the house at Racławicka Street 95,
7) private Dungler, who was shooting at civilians.